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Specific topics of interest
Internal aerodynamics (turbomachines,...) - IN
External aerodynamics (wings,...) - EA
Propulsion Systems - PS
Energy Conversion - EC
Gas Turbines - GT
Steam Turbines - ST
Two-phase flows - TP
Physics of gases - PH
Chemical eng. & fluid dynamics - CE
Reacting flows and combustion - CO
Non Newtonian fluids - NF
Viscous flows & boundary layers - VV
Turbulence (mechanics & modeling) - TB
Aero Acoustics - AA
Supersonic and transonic flows - SS
Hypersonic flows - HY
Heat exchanges - HT
Aerothermal flows - AT
Wind tunnels and test rigs - WT
Instrumentation & Measurement techniques - IT
Optical measurement techniques - OM
Cryogenic flow - CF
Numerical - CFD
Experimental - EX
Field of application
Aviation - AR
Space - AS
Aeroengines - AE
Turbines - TT
Compressors & pumps - CC
Environmental fluid dynamics - EF
Wind engineering - WE
Fluid Dynamics of industrial processes - IP
Bio fluid dynamics - BE
Vehicle aerodynamics - VA
Hydraulics (rivers and estuaries) - HD
Safety problems - SP


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